Mille's Heaven is a sustainable shop located in the pedestrian street in Hadsund.

My name is Lonnie Würtz Jensen. I am a trained tailor and Art Designer. I have worked with clothes all my life. Almost 4 years ago I opened Mille's Heaven. My heart burns for 3 things:

Unique: Clothes must be unique, because you are! Why do we have to be so alike? Why can't there be room to stand out? After all, we are all very different, and we must signal that in our clothes. If you love colours, then you should go with colours! If you want to show off your body in the best way, then do it!

Sustainable: For me, sustainability is extremely important. We have to saddle up. We cannot just continue to gamble with our climate. With us you will only find sustainable products. Almost everything is produced in Europe and almost everything has the best certifications in the world.

Personal: We love personal service. We love being close to our customers. We love being there for you, whether it's in the store or here in the webshop. Please do not hesitate to contact us!